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About Shri Basaveshwar Rural Education and Development Trust ®

Shri Basaveshwara Rural Education and Development Trust (R), was established in the year 2004 by the pioneering efforts of Shri Sharanappa M.Kotagi (Mathikatti), dedicated apostle and lover of Education with a Mission to impart Value based education in this Rural & Urban areas.

The trust has played a pivotal role in the academic and socio-economic enlistment of the masses of this region through quality education. Under Shri Basaveshwara Rural Education and Development Trust (R), Shri. Sharanappa M. Kotagi (Mathikatti) started various Colleges D.Ed, B.Ed., M.Ed, P.U.C, B.H.M.S., Pharmacy & INIFD Dharwad- Fashion and Interior Design, intending to start Pre Primary and Primary school in Hubli-Dharwad at Sattur area Dharwad -580009, Karnataka, India.

The Institutions run by Shri Basaveshwara Rural Education and Development Trust (R), are popular. The Institutions were established under the able guidance of the Honorable Chairman of the trust, Dr. Veeranna. A.Mathikatti, is an Ex member of Legislative Council & former chairman of Legislative Council Karnataka.

The purpose of starting Rural Education and Development Trust was to uplift the Education System for the rural people. The task was taken up by the Secretary Shri Sharanappa M.Kotagi (Mathikatti) who has put in his all efforts for development of the Education Trust. He has visited countries like China, Isrial, Kuwait, Sharjah,Dubai and Srilanka to understand the techniques of modern studying methods in education and also about the agriculture development in this modern era. and to implement those techniques in the society.

Shri Sharanappa Kotagi (Mathikatti) has spent his valuable lifetime in organizing various religious functions and he has adapted the principles and theories of Vishwa Guru Shri Basaveshwara, in his social Ilife. Shri Basaveshwar Rural Education & Development Trust is working hard for the development of the poor and needy students who are coming from the rural areas.

Our Mission

1. To contribute to educational excellence providing an education meeting international standards at a reasonable cost.

2.To foster students’ individual development to prepare them for successful careers in a rapidly changing world and to strengthen their capacity to be active and responsible members of their professions and communities..

3.To create an institutional culture that helps individuals develop their distinctive capabilities while fostering commitment to the College and its mission..

4.To be a crucible of new ideas and knowledge that serves to enrich people’s lives and enhance the welfare of society.

Our Vision

Our aim is to eradicate poverty and provide all the basic amenities along with education with good health to the students in need for their better future and conserve our environment and protect our mother earth for a better living.

Our Values

Helpful: To be caring to the society in uplifting students essentially so they could meet the basic needs of education.

Evolve: To always grow and assist the students in need and create revolution in field of education.

Perseverance: To endure in all situations and conditions to help the students and to support the society

Integrity: To be always principled in the way we follow the rules set by our government and in the way of using the trust funds to help students and the society at large.

Noble: To always be noble in the actions we take as a Trust and to consider the moral standards every time a decision is taken.

Gratitude: to show the defiance of being Gratitude for every action we take and we are grateful for people joining our vision to help the society.

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